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Mexico borderDouglas has long and culturally significant connections to the community of Agua Prieta, its southern neighbor. The city was established in 1899 during the initial development of the copper mining industry in the region. The region also became a hotbed for Mexican union activity and, of course, the Mexican revolution and its famous general, Pancho Villa, fought a significant battle against Mexican federales here in 1915.

What to do in Mexico?

Agua Prieta is a quiet, thriving city and is also a popular shopping destination for locals and visitors alike. Park in Douglas (see maps ) and stroll over. You may also cross by car. You are not required to show any identification to enter the city, but make sure you do have identification in order to re-enter the U.S. You will also be asked to declare your purchases and there are limits on the number of certain items you can bring back to the US (see our resources page).  TIP: If you are traveling with luggage, you may wish to park in the Douglas lot and walk or ride over in a shuttle. Re-entry into the US may take longer if Customs agents wish to inspect your belongings. There are nominal daily fees to park your automobile and ride the shuttle.

Call or visit our Visitor Center for more information.

Highlights :

Mexican tile

Saddlery and custom boot making are just a couple of the examples of the quality craftsmanship available on your shopping trip. Discover the finest curios, handmade jewelry, silver, pottery, woven blankets, home furnishings, tile works and other Mexican wares, plus several pharmacies (farmácias) without the typical street experience you might encounter in other typical Mexican border towns. And since Agua Prieta is not a typical tourist town, products are very competitively priced and bartering is less common.

Mexican foodOf course, a trip to Mexico wouldn’t be complete without a stop at one of the city’s "delicioso" restaurants featuring Mexican favorites, steaks and seafood and the area’s best bakeries and tortillerias.

Pesos vs. Dollars: Most merchants accept US currency. Check the currency exchange rate before you go and you’ll have a guide for prices on Mexican products and services, although many merchants mark their goods in US dollars.

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Did You Know?
Aimee Semple McPherson, the famous evangelist, appeared in the Douglas area in June 1926. She had been missing for over 30 days, claiming she had been kidnapped and tortured by unknown captors. Today, most people believe the event was a hoax or a publicity stunt. Camp Harry J Jones, a military camp located east of Douglas beginning in 1911 and was an important fixture of the community for more than 20 years. The camp extended nearly 15 city blocks to the US/Mexico border.
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